Autumn Catch Up


Vase – Falling Leaves

It’s been a few months since I last updated my blog. As usual it’s been a very busy time with plenty of work to be getting on with and not a lot of time for sitting and reflecting and well….. catching up!

From the minute we finished the studio and I was able to move in it’s been non-stop so I haven’t been able to show you round so to speak. I love seeing other artist’s workspaces so I nipped out and took a few photos to show you just how it is – no tidying, just how it is in all its chaos. Oh dear I feel ashamed but then it is a working studio not a showroom!

DSC_1115L DSC_1114L DSC_1113L

So what you can see – along the back wall I have racking containing finished work, drying pots, decorated work awaiting Raku firing and my moulds. Next to the racks is my very useful casting table. It’s a good height and nice to work at, much better than a normal desk or table. Along the front I have my work bench and this is where I spend most of my time. The windows overlook the garden and the field (along with resident cattle!). At the far end I have a Shimpo wheel which is now accessible and which I am determined to start using regularly. So out of all this untidiness comes some good work I hope. This is the challenge, this is what I strive to do, this is the fun!

Here are some recent pieces.


Small Thrown Bottle – Seeds & Leaves


Small Thrown Bottle – Flowers & Leaves


Medium Bowl – Seeds & Leaves


4 thoughts on “Autumn Catch Up

  1. julietmacleod

    Wow! Positively envious at the amount of space you have. I’ve just had a massive tidy up so I should take some pictures whilst it looks reasonable.

  2. Debbie Barber Post author

    Hi Juliet, yes it’s so nice to have more space you should have seen where I was. It’s also nice to have it confined to one place although I confess the kiln is still in the garage and the Raku kiln is outside but you know what I mean! Next time I’ll post a pic of my Raku area.
    I hope the Open Studio event is going well, your work is stunning and looks as though you have been potting for years – and that is meant as a huge compliment. 🙂
    Best wishes

  3. Jo Walker Ceramics

    What a fantastic studio Debbie, it’s really useful to see as mine’s still nearing completion and I’m just starting to work out what should go where!
    I love to see pictures of your work too…….very inspiring.

  4. Debbie Barber Post author

    Thanks Jo. How exciting for you. It’s well worth building your own studio if you have the space and these wooden cabins are ideal. The testing time will be over winter. I’m hoping it won’t be too cold! Good luck, post some pics when you get time.


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