Rain stopped play


Rain, wind, storms, what a winter we’re having! Sadly I’m struggling to get the base of the new studio completed. First of all the builder miscalculated the size and the amount of materials, bricks and stone he’d need. The reason being the slope of the garden made it deceptive and the back wall of the base is some two and a half feet high but level at the front.


So in desperation on Friday my son Sam, Bryan the builder and I shifted 6.6 metric tonnes of stone and gravel and it’s still not full! It still needs compacting and a topping of concrete. The cabin comes on Tuesday. Oh dear!

In the meantime the studio is filling up with pots waiting for their final Raku firing. Yes the weather’s to blame again.

DSC_0636L  DSC_0639L

Here are some birds all lined up ready.

Progress on new things like these striped bowls is progressing slowly and they’re keeping me cheerful. I love playing with new ideas and at least here, rain cannot stop my play!


Fingers crossed for better weather soon!



6 thoughts on “Rain stopped play

  1. Jo Walker Ceramics

    I’m having a similar problem with my studio Debbie, it’s so frustrating. Hopefully the weather will improve soon.
    I love the way your little birds are all lined up like soldiers!

    1. Debbie Barber Post author

      Hi Jo,
      Yes it’s really frustrating and next week looks pretty awful too. Oh well there’s not a lot we can do about it and at least we’re not struggling with flooding. There’s plenty of standing water but we’ve had much worse. I hope you’re OK.
      I do line things up it gives the (mistaken) illusion that I’m organised! ha ha
      Take care,

      1. julietmacleod

        Ah they joys of winter! Our builders seem to be a pretty hardy lot, but they’re more used to snow that this persistent rain that we’re having up here. Your shed base is looking pretty good to me Debbie. Hope all is well for Tuesday’s delivery. I must say I’m getting serious withdrawal symptoms… itching to get back to the wheel. Hope you and Jo are keeping warm and safe.

      2. Debbie Barber Post author

        Hi Juliet,
        I think one of his problems was that the mortar took longer to ‘go off’ ( technical term! 🙂 ) due to the damp. It’ll all happen in time. We must both learn to be patient I’m sure it’ll be worth it. New work spaces for us both, yay!
        best wishes,

    1. Debbie Barber Post author

      Thank you! I am smiling most of the time but it’s a bit like Christmas I can’t wait for it to come. ha ha Just for a change it’s raining again! Oh dear!


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