Work has started on the Studio/Cabin! OK so there’s not a lot to show yet but I feel pretty happy. This is just the base which has to be level and as you can see our garden is on a slope. I hope I can show you more next week.

I haven’t fired anything this week, it’s been a bitty week. Forging on albeit slowly!


3 thoughts on “Cabins-a-go-go

  1. julietmacleod

    Oh Debbie how exciting! I’ve been out with my measuring tape today working out how big a shed I might be able to fit in our back garden. The next few months are going to be so mental but the one thing that’s keeping me going is the thought of a better house, and more selfishly my new studio. Looking forward to seeing how yours progresses. How big is it going to be by the way?

    1. Debbie Barber Post author

      Hi Juliet,
      Oh I know I hate the disruption too but I am focussing on the end result. I just hope the weather holds. It’s very wet but we haven’t had any of the white stuff yet. The beast arrives in a couple of weeks so I hope the base is ready. It’s 5.5m x 3.5m so it’s a fair size although it doesn’t look it from the photos. I’ll keep you posted with progress 🙂
      I hope your build goes well too!
      All the best.

      1. julietmacleod

        Oooh that’s big. Lucky you. Mine’s going to be more like 12 x 10ft, but then that’s nearly double the space I’ve been working in to date. Woohoo

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