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Work has started on the Studio/Cabin! OK so there’s not a lot to show yet but I feel pretty happy. This is just the base which has to be level and as you can see our garden is on a slope. I hope I can show you more next week.

I haven’t fired anything this week, it’s been a bitty week. Forging on albeit slowly!


Learning, thinking, planning


I have been doing all three –

Learning – I have been listening to recorded webinars from The Design Trust. I met the Director, Patricia van den Akker at a Design Factory meeting and she came across as a very knowledgeable, enthusiastic person with a lot of very valuable advice. At the time I was too busy making to top up my business and marketing knowledge but this time of year is the perfect time. The great thing about the webinars is that I can listen as I work and I can stop the recording to make notes and have thinking time. It’s been great, a real eye or should I say mind opener!

Thinking – yes a lot of thinking is going on. Thanks to The Design Trust topics I am starting to focus on certain aspects of the business plus I am experimenting with different products and designs. Things are starting to come together.

Planning – I would rather not be caught on the hop the way I was last year. So I have already ordered the studio (work starts on Monday) and I’m looking at kilns now. I’ve been looking at shows too but I’m having trouble deciding……back to the learning and thinking I suppose! Who said it would be straight forward. 😉

The only other piece to come out of the studio this week (apart from the experiments – see top) has been a commission. This customer wanted a bowl redesigned as a tree-form bowl. It came out rather well I think. I hope she likes it.

TF Comm 1L

Out with the Old and In with the New

Hearts Jan 14 1L

Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Happy New Year and let’s hope that it will be a happy, energetic and successful one for everyone.

I had a particularly hectic run up to Christmas and to be honest I ran out of steam a little bit towards the end but I’m happy to say I think I managed about 95% of the work I needed to finish by that time. I am hoping that I will have a couple of quieter months to regroup, plan and prepare for the year ahead.

What a year it’s going to be too! First and foremost a new studio. I need the space. I am falling over myself in my converted garage so I have put a deposit down on a log cabin and we take delivery in a couple of weeks or so. Oh I can’t wait. Next will be a bigger kiln. I love my little workhorse but it has limitations. I would like a controller, mine has a kiln-sitter and secondly capacity, it’s just too small. I will keep it though as it’s very useful for drying pots and warming them up prior to Raku firing.

I have been working on new shapes and designs. The first few are coming through the studio now. This is a small bowl. I have deliberately left off a foot ring.

S Bowls L


These are the first couple I’ve taken through to Raku firing.

My first two Raku firings of the year have been taken up by Hearts for Valentine’s Day (see the top) and already the time is starting to accelerate. Hold on to your hats everyone!