Bird Nest Hunting

Having set myself the project of following one particular Ash tree through the year I discovered that I find the idea of following the seasons really motivating and something that I am getting quite excited about.

I mentioned in my last blog post that I had noticed some crows in the first stages of nest-building. I think they were probably looking over old nests to see whether they could be repaired and used for the coming season. There’s definitely a bit of activity going on. So I decided to go on a bird’s nest hunt. I wanted to get some shots while there are no leaves on the trees to obscure the view. So while out and about I’ve been scouring the tree line for a sight of those tell-tale clumps of twigs. Here are a few shots I managed to get. Sadly no birds in sight.





I also had a look on the web for photos and came across this gem of a site that I feel worth sharing – Peter Lovelock Photography. Lovely photographs and drawings, well worth a look! Enjoy!

http:/ /

Here are a couple of Peter’s photographs of Rookeries. I particularly like the way that the branches are coming into bud.



I feel another Tree-form bowl coming on! In the meantime I decided to dust off my long forgotten throwing skills. I bought an electic wheel from a friend before Christmas but I just haven’t had the time to do any throwing at all. I need to practice! I have thrown a few bowls which I intend to turn in to ‘Bird Nest’ bowls. I found a bowl at the back of a shelf and will Raku fire it next time. Here it is with its slip decoration already applied. I can’t wait to get out there for the firing.



4 thoughts on “Bird Nest Hunting

  1. Pete's Pots

    Hi, thanks for following my blog. I’ve been having a look at yours, & your and website, and I like your work very much. It’s in an area that I’ve only dabbled in, singed my eyebrows in, enjoyed very much. but not pursued. So, very interesting to see what you are doing.

    1. Debbie Barber Post author

      Thanks Pete. Singeing hair is all part of the process. I once managed to melt the sole of my shoe, but that’s another story! Ha ha. It’s all good fun.

  2. Peter Lovelock

    Hello Debbie. Many thanks for your kind comments re my work & the link to my website. I remember the day i took these rookery images very well. The rain & wind were horizontal. When i arrived the rooks were sitting contentedly on their nests but as soon as they spotted me they all took off & circled around the tops of the swaying trees “kraaking” loudly. I think they mistook me for a threat & someone who could climb an 80 foot tree.

    Your work is beautiful.


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