Setting myself a project.

The whole purpose of starting a blog is not only to share my creative inspirations and the progression from idea to finished piece but also to act as a spur to actually getting some designing done. I find it all too easy to be lazy and not pick up a sketchbook and put down my ideas. Ideas are constantly buzzing around in my head but very few are actually used and without the external discipline of an assignment most are just forgotten. So I have decided to set myself a project.
I have always found trees a huge source of interest and inspiration. A few months ago as I was coming home on a particularly cold and foggy day I passed this tree…

Frosty Tree

I think it’s an Ash Tree. A very common species in the UK but also under serious threat from a fungus that causes dieback. Potentially we could lose most of our Ash trees in this country.

I have decided to follow this tree through the year. Photographing it regularly in all seasons. I also thought it would help me with my designing, keeping me on track especially with my ‘Tree Series’ of pots.

Here’s today’s entry :-

Ash Tree Feb

We’re still in winter, no new leaves on the tree it’s a bit dull and very cold. There’s a little bit of colour from the ivy on the trunk but that is all. Here’s a little bit of work on my ‘Winter Tree’

Tree pencil


And a finished piece, it’s not perfect yet but I’m getting there.

Winter Tree 2L

I am hoping that next month there will be a bit more interest. I notice that the birds are starting to construct their nests. I will be out looking for rookeries to photograph – now that will be an interesting subject!


5 thoughts on “Setting myself a project.

  1. femkedr

    Hi Debbie,

    I just discovered your blog and I’ m completely mesmerised by your work. I didn’t realise you could work and decorate this delicate or detailed with raku. I look forward to all your future work!

    1. Debbie Barber Post author

      Hi! Thank you for your comment. It’s quite surprising how much detail you can get. There are a few artists working in this area. Raku is a firing method that’s always fascinated me and one that I wanted to explore and experiment with. It has it’s limitations of course but there’s plenty more to come. I will update my blog soon! 🙂

    1. Debbie Barber Post author

      Sadly the project has been on the back burner for a few months as I’ve been so busy. Never mind I will pick up the thread again soon. At first I felt a bit frustrated but then I realised it doesn’t matter whether it’s a year or more as long as it’s generating ideas. I’m learning to be patient! 🙂


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